Sunday, May 08, 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

Bleeding myself dry

This is not me going suicidal.

Now that I got your attention, you can put down the phone. Don't worry. In fact, you will find this post a very positive one. 

I am "bleeding myself dry" from the addictions I used to love. 
I am making a change to make myself more productive. 
I realized that there are things in my life that I do, which are just sapping my time away without contributing towards a better me in the future. 
I am evaluating them and removing them from my life.  

No regrets. It's been weeks and I felt great. I should have done it earlier. 

Now a greater challenge awaits. I am petrified by just thinking of it. Yet long time ago I've told myself this is what I want, to finally do something of value and meaning to myself. 

You know all those motivational quotes shared everywhere on social media? It's funny how easy it is to read and acknowledge them. Yet when confronted, no matter how many times you tell yourself those quotes, the mind just freeze and won't get into that motivated mindset.

Perhaps it's just me not getting used to it. I admit I've always lived in a gilded cage shielded and protected. Time to taste what a struggle is like.